• The following information can be found in Chapter 9 of the Suffolk Public School Board Policy Regulation Manual.


    Article 1 - Media Access

    Section 9-1.1.  When media access permitted; student discipline issues; Personnel Issues. — A.  Suffolk Public Schools may allow access to students and staff during school hours or school events if it will not, in the opinion of the superintendent or the principal, disrupt instruction or jeopardize the safety of students or staff.


    B. In student discipline issues, the spokesperson for Suffolk Public Schools will only say that the incident is/was under investigation and that disciplinary action will be/was taken pursuant to policy. School staff cannot verify student names involved, but can disclose the student’s age, grade, and school.


    C. In personnel issues, the spokesperson for Suffolk Public Schools will provide details to the media as allowed by law. (Issued August 21, 1997)

    Legal Authority - School Board Policy §10-3.1.

    Article 2 - Crisis Situations
    Section 9-2.1.  Restrictions on media access; establishment of press center; student interviews. — A. In the event of a crisis on school property, the media may be allowed on school property only to use the school as a background for camera shots.


    B. However, in some cases, the school principal and central office administrators may decide to establish a press center within the school building, as outlined in the division’s Crisis Communications Plan.

    C. In a crisis, reporters and photographers/videographers may be denied access to interview students or staff on school property.  If student interviews are arranged in relation to a crisis situation or a controversial issue, it is the school administration’s responsibility to secure prior verbal permission from the student’s parent/guardian.  The Suffolk Public Schools Parent Permission form will not be adequate. (Issued August 21, 1997)

    Legal Authority - School Board Policy §10-3.1.

    Article 3 - Non-Crisis
    Section 9-3.1. Parental Permission required; Administrator Presence permitted — A. In a non-crisis situation when the media requests student interviews, photographs, video, or student writings, the school requires the media to give as much advance notice as possible. A signed parental permission form or a phone call securing parental permission is also necessary.


    B. During student and staff contact with the media, administrators have the right to sit in on the interview and accompany the photographer/videographer through the school. (Issued August 21, 1997)

    Legal Authority - School Board Policy §10-3.1.