People First Language

  • Pledge to Put the Person First, Not the Disability

    Like gender and ethnicity, disability is a natural part of life. One in five Americans is a person with a disability. Imagine a bowl with five apples, and one of the apples in the bowl is green. The green apple is more like the red apple than different. The same applies to people.

    Words matter! Don't use hurtful words to describe people with disabilities. Promise to put the person first, not the disability. Link here to take the People First Language Pledge.

    Suffolk Public Schools and the local Special Education Advisory Committee work together to create a culture of mutual respect, understanding and equal opportunities for all students and staff. A disability awareness chairperson at each school organizes special events to raise awareness and recognize the accomplishments and differences of people throughout history and throughout our schools and community.

    Information, activities, and materials to promote and highlight this month may be found under the disability awareness tab at the following website: