• Our facilities are community facilities. We can allow the use of our facilities for programs that benefit the community when they are not needed for our regular educational programs. However, certain restrictions and requirements apply to protect public property and educational funding. For example, we cannot allow the use of facilities for private events such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, baby showers or similar activities. We also cannot allow the use of any new school during its first year of operation (so that we can assure that all aspects of the instruction programs receive priority attention).

    As of Dec 1st, 2022, Suffolk Public Schools is transitioning towards digital requests. Below is the information and link to submit your request as a community member event. 

    Please create an account using this website: https://www.gofmx.com/login/

    The url domain is spsk12

    Here is the FMX Community Requestor Training Guide

    To create your account, you will need to upload a current copy of your Certificate of Insurance, making sure you put the policy effective date and expiration date on the sign-in.

    Once you upload your Certificate of Insurance, call Purchasing at 757-925-6762 immediately to finalize your account.

    A Certificate of Insurance is liability insurance while your organization uses the facility for your event. Any insurance company can obtain this, and you must ensure that Suffolk Public Schools is listed as an additional insured.

    The Certificate of Insurance must provide at least the following coverage:

    $1,000,000 for each occurrence (Bodily Injury)

     $2,000,000 general aggregate (Bodily Injury)

     $3,000,000 for each occurrence (Property Damage)

    $1,000,000 combined single limit

    Coverage is to include Products Liability, Personal Injury, and Fire Damage Legal Liability. The certificate must list Suffolk Public Schools as the certificate holder and must state that Suffolk Public Schools is named as the additional insured. Listing the school as a certificate holder and/or additional insured will not be accepted. The certificate must show evidence of workers' compensation coverage if the organization has one or more employees involved in the event.

    Link here for Use of Facilities information (updated July 2015).  

  • If you do not have a Certificate of Insurance for your organization:

    VAcorp provides facility users access to inexpensive liability insurance for their events held on school property. Information about this program is available on the VAcorp website, https://www.vacorp.org/ go to Coverages (or access information directly here: https://www.vacorp.org/coverage/tulip/)

    Search for the location of Suffolk Public Schools and purchase general liability coverage for their event. You will receive a certificate of insurance showing the school division as additional insured.

    After you upload your Certificate of Insurance for your event, you can create a calendar event for that date, rooms, and equipment needed. 

    After you submit, you will be routed to the appropriate approval channels. You will then be notified of approvals and invoices.

    If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Hinds, Purchasing Manager, at 757-925-6762.