• Curriculum & Instruction Department Staff:

    Dr. Maria Lawson-Davenport, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Dr. Katelyn Leitner,
    Coordinator of Science Instruction
    Katrina Cary,
    Coordinator of History & Social Studies Instruction
    Dr. Keisha Melvin,
    Coordinator of Advanced Instruction & World Languages
    Dr. Jonita Shabazz,
    Coordinator of English Instruction
    Anne McCoy,
    Coordinator of Health/Physical Education & Employee Wellness
    Kelly Greening,
    Coordinator of Math Instruction
    Dr. Joleen Neighbours, Coordinator of Fine & Performing Arts
    Rachele Hirsch-Brooks, STEM Specialist
    Kiersten Wright, History & Social Studies Specialist
    Patricia Waegerle, Math Specialist
    Sarah Mohr, English/Dyslexia Specialist
    Rebecca Bradley, Math Specialist
    Sherie Mungo, English/ELL Specialist

    C & I Vision:
    The vision of the SPS Curriculum & Instruction Department is to foster learning communities among teachers and staff to provide equitable and authentic learning experiences to all students and empower them to embark on pathways to career readiness and global citizenship.

    C & I Goals: 
    Support effective teaching and learning to maximize student success by:

    • Building teacher capacity in effective and engaging tier-one instruction through professional development

    • Supporting data-driven instructional decisions

    • Supporting the creation of aligned instructional resources and balanced assessments

    • Supporting effective enrichment and remediation intervention strategies

    • Promoting authentic and relevant learning opportunities