• The Information Technology (IT) Department supports computing and data systems, software applications, networks, IP telephone, and video conferencing systems for the entire school division. They include:

    • 8500+ desktop, laptop and tablet computing systems
    • 120+ virtual and physical servers
    • Fiber WAN, wired and wireless LANs in every building
    • Division-wide IP telephone system
    • HD video conferencing systems at every school

    The IT Department manages the systems that provide information for data-driven decision making, regarding student achievement. Our data team prepares state/local reports, develops internal applications and prepares information. We operate a service desk, staffed by veteran Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs), who provide end user support for instructional and administrative applications. The network/server support team is responsible for supporting core networking and telephone services, file servers, and many specialized applications. On-site and remote support is handled by our team of skilled hardware/software technicians. The IT staff strives to provide a consistent and reliable experience for all users.

    Suffolk Tech Plan update 3-31-2017 Technology Plan VA DOE Acceptance Letter


    Google Third Party Apps For Students
    On October 23, 2023, Google is enforcing Third Party Apps policy for students. A Third Party App is a web-based application that requires a user to login in via Google or other credentials. These applications may collect personally identifiable information or other data on the user. In order to protect users Google is implementing a process requiring school divisions to determine if an app should be allowed for students to login. Sites may be accessible without login, but will be blocked when a user attempts to login if the application is not approved. The Instructional and Technology Departments have approved applications that are under contract or have valid instructional use. Depending on the personally identifiable information collected by the vendor, some applications may require the vendor to enter into a Data Sharing Agreement with the division. After October 23, 2023, teachers may request the review of blocked apps via Incident IQ.