• Vision: Strive for excellence in education, celebrate diversity, and be committed to students, staff, and the school community.


    • Produce 21st-century learners that will become productive citizens in society.
    • Foster a dynamic, safe, and nurturing learning environment.
    • Partner with the school community for the benefit of students and staff.
    • Strengthen the school division by employing highly qualified and diverse staff.
    • Effectively and efficiently manage capital and human resources.
    • Effectively communicate to increase community investment.

    GOAL 1: Students will develop characteristics of a Virginia graduate to include critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and growth in order to demonstrate academic excellence.

    • An annual increase in student achievement as measured by the Virginia Standards of Learning assessments.
    • An annual increase of student achievement as measured by advanced proficiency rates on the English, Mathematics, and Science Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments.
    • A yearly increase in the overall graduation rate for all students.
    • An annual increase in the percentage of students meeting the criteria to be college and career ready as measured by the Virginia Profile of a Graduate.
    • An annual increase in the diversity of students in advanced courses that more closely reflects the demographics of Suffolk Public Schools.
    • Expanded options for academic and career development and programming to enhance student learning and experiences.

    GOAL 2: Create a dynamic learning environment that promotes high student achievement, stimulates student engagement, supports staff creativity, ensures school safety, and reinforces positive staff and student relationships.

    • An annual decrease in the number of discipline referrals and unacceptable behavior.
    • An annual increase in student participation in extracurricular activities at the elementary and secondary levels.
    • A yearly decrease in chronic absenteeism as measured by the Virginia Department of Education standards.
    • Improved school safety procedures and protocols as measured by annual safety audits, student discipline, and climate surveys.
    • A measurable decrease in incidents of bullying and cyberbullying each year.
    • An annual increase in the number of staff and student wellness and safety supports and programming.
    • The annual increase of positive student-teacher and staff interactions that support a culture of high student achievement, positive relationships, improved staff morale, and effective communication for the school community as measured by division climate surveys.

    GOAL 3: Ensure the effective and efficient management of capital and human resources for the development and retention of high-quality staff, sustainable operations, and systems.

    • An annual review of completed school facilities and maintenance projects for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
    • A yearly SPS Board Review of staff perceptions of morale as measured by the annual ClimateSurvey.
    • An annual increase in staff retention.
    • Annual external audits of local, state, and federal financial operations.
    • Targeted professional learning and collaboration for all staff to support student achievement and division effectiveness as measured by division climate surveys.

    GOAL 4: Increase engagement opportunities for families, school communities, and business partnerships.

    • The annual increase in positive perceptions about SPS services as measured by climate surveys.
    • The yearly increase in community participation in the Community Leadership Program.
    • An annual increase in the number of community and family engagements and participation as measured by digital interactions and in-person events.
    • The annual increase in community engagement and participation as measured by booster clubs, parent-teacher associations, advisory groups, and other indicators.
    • The expansion of stakeholder communication modalities and reach as measured by division, school information portals,